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Model # DMC-5


    • Output power infinitely variable via pot on front or externally
    • Demag cycle infinitely variably via pot on front
    • Output polarity alternates each cycle to prevent residual magnetism
    • Internal overcurrent and overtemp detection
    • 7 Seg display for status and fault reporting
    • Output wire break detection
    • Efficient mosfet output and “ideal” blocking diode provide very low power loss
    • Actual current display via 7 Seg display


  • Operating Voltage: 10 to 50 VDC
  • Max continuous load: 4 amp
  • Max ambient temp: 50 deg. C


10 terminal plug on bottom:

  1. 10-terminal-plugControl Input+ (10 to 50 VDC isolated input to turn on magnet)
  2. Control Input-
  3. Output status contact (Relay contact closed when magnet output on)
  4. Output status contact
  5. Control Power in + (10 to 50 VDC to supply power for control electronics)
  6. 0v
  7. 0v
  8. Magnet supply in + (10 to 50 VDC to supply power for output)
  9. Magnet lead 1 (Output power to magnet)
  10. Magnet lead 2

3 terminal plug on top for external 5K pot:

  1. 3-terminal-plug5v+ (supply to external potentiometer)
  2. Ext pot in (external potentiometer wiper)
  3. 0v (supply to external potentiometer)


Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram


» DMC-5 Datasheet (.pdf file)