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Solid State Electromagnet Controller

The DMC-5 Electromagnet Controller is designed to control Industrial automation electromagnets such as those used on robotics, pick and place units, gantries, etc. Traditionally, automation electromagnets are controlled by simple relays which do not have the capability to effectively demagnetize the material being handled which results in unreliable material release. The DMC-5 introduces a number of features to make sure that material is released effectively every time. These features include alternating polarity every cycle to eliminate residual magnetism in the magnet and tooling, a current based demagnetization scheme at release, and infinitely variable output power (for magnet strength).

The DMC-5 Electromagnet Controller also includes advanced diagnostic features such as displaying magnet current during operation and wire break detection for the magnet circuit. The DMC-5 is the successor to the DMC-3 which has proven its effectiveness for 15 years.


We started using the 1st generation of Jairdan magnet controllers about 10 years ago and they virtually eliminated our magnet problems, particularly with the demag function. The latest model has been upgraded and includes a display that assists in troubleshooting the magnet circuit, they’re very simple to wire and are easy to mount in any cabinet. Controller failures are almost non-existent and we use dozens throughout our plant, for almost any type of magnet.